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Re: Troubleshooting

Posted: Thu 8. Oct 2009, 18:52
by the-fallen
Hmh okay. The last line said that the module "acpi-cpufreq" is already loaded.

Can you unload it? (modprobe -r acpi-cpufreq ) ?

If so, try to load the phc module which should be named "phc-intel". (modprobe phc-intel) if you used the package from this forum.

Re: Troubleshooting

Posted: Sat 10. Oct 2009, 00:59
by rockharder
This is what I was talking about. I can't unload the acpi_cpufreq module.
Here is the result after running modprobe -r acpi-cpufreq
FATAL: Module cpufreq_stats not found.
FATAL: Error running remove command for acpi_cpufreq

Re: Troubleshooting

Posted: Sat 10. Oct 2009, 22:34
by the-fallen
Oh, yes. I am sorry.
acpi-cpufreq is a module on your system or is it compiled into your kernel?

If the first is your case you will need to build your own kernel or find one for your system where the driver is not compiled in.

If it is a module and you can not unload it I do not have a clue at the moment what the reason could be.

Re: Troubleshooting

Posted: Mon 12. Oct 2009, 05:44
by rockharder
I followed the phc installation instruction to recompile my kernel. After compiled the kernel module, I don't know what next should I do.

Re: Troubleshooting

Posted: Mon 12. Oct 2009, 19:29
by the-fallen
Are you already running your new kernel?

If so, make sure you have the neccessary developement packages installed. You need make, gcc and some libs.
On most distributions there is a meta-package that will install all the things you need.
For Ubuntu those packages are named "build-essential" and "kernel-package". Unfortunately I do not know what they are called on your system.

Then download the intel offtree-package from the download section and follow the instructions. There are only few and simple steps to do.

I hope you can get it to work without much trouble *wish you luck*.