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Is Ubuntu 13.04 with kernel 3.10.9-031009 supported ?

Posted: Fri 6. Sep 2013, 21:33
by bandieiner

i am new so far in doing undervolting (and also i am pretty new to linux) and i got following issue:

I bought myself a new laptop (w230st with Haswell 4800mq/nvidia GTX 765m) and i run only ubuntu on it.
My Ubuntu Version is 13.04 and i upgraded to kernel 3.10.9-031009 (so that my Nvidiacard get workin)

When i run my favorite game EVE Online - the CPU goes up to 97 Degree Celsius (which is pretty high).

I read in some other forum that undervolting would help alot to reduce max temps. (so far i only read about using the intel undervolting tool that is only available to windows)

since i want to avoid windows i want to try out undervolting with using linux.

So my basic question is: Does phc-k8 driver 0.4.5 beta 2 support the kernel version 3.10.9-031009 ? (i saw that it support 3.10 - but goes that also for all subversions?)

any help is appreciated

PS: sorry if my question is too obvious - but i want to make sure not to destroy my system

Re: Is Ubuntu 13.04 with kernel 3.10.9-031009 supported ?

Posted: Sat 7. Sep 2013, 00:35
by DavidG
Hi Bandleiner,

phc-k8 v0.4.5b2 supports all 3.10.* kernels, however it is intended for AMD processors (starting from K8). phc-intel is meant for Intel CPU's, however no "Core i" processors supports undervolting as Intel removed that feature from its chips. To make things even worse, Intel even decided to integrate the voltage-regulation chip with its Haswell CPU's. Until now, no-one has succeeded in undervolting one, and until someone finds a way, we cannot implement it... :-(

Kind regards,

Re: Is Ubuntu 13.04 with kernel 3.10.9-031009 supported ?

Posted: Sat 7. Sep 2013, 11:20
by bandieiner
Hi DavidG,

Thanks for your prompt reply. - Sounds not good...

What do you think about running IntelĀ® Extreme Tuning Utility (IntelĀ® XTU) in WINE ? is this too risky ? because i read somewhere that this Utility changes hidden Bios setting for the processor (Voltage, Speed for the different cores) - and one time set they are fixed...

kind Regards