PPAs for Quantal (Ubuntu 12.10)

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Re: PPAs for Quantal (Ubuntu 12.10)

Post by Bzzz » Tue 11. Feb 2014, 22:08

lio wrote:What kind of CPU do you have? Which patch-version do you use: 0.3.2 or 0.4.0?
0.3.2, using an C2D P8600, that is 800-1600-2400-"2401" MHz, VIDs/FIDs see above

lio wrote:Is the suspend-fail reproducible over multiple reboots and does it on the other side succeed with the stock acpi-cpufreq?
I have just repeated sleep testing with all installed kernels using the grub edit menu to remove the phc piece (but module/dpkg entry still present). 3.11.0-15-generic, -14 and -13. Alle three fail with and without phc. That is not normal.
lio wrote:It could all be related – If you undervolt your system to much it crashs in an instant. No crash does not mean the lower voltage is safe to use.
I know, I hold a bunch undervolting records at hardwareluxx.de, but for AMD desktop machines ;)
Yet, these are old settings that used to work 100%, but the CPU may have gotten older and requires now a tad more. I'll disable the settings that are auto-applied by tlp.
lio wrote: Next step would be to test a vanilla kernel from kernel.org with phc applied. ;)
Oh god, no :?

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