Ubuntu PHC kernel testers

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Re: Ubuntu PHC kernel testers

Post by lxp » Fri 9. Mar 2012, 02:33

Thanks, but I currently have no build for 12.04.
Nevertheless it is very likely that the 12.04 build will be available before the final release date (26th April) because I ordered a new laptop on which I am planing to run 12.04 when all hardware parts have arrived. I think you can expect a first 12.04 build somewhere around Beta 2 release (29th March) or Kernel Freeze (5th April).

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Re: Ubuntu PHC kernel testers

Post by DavidG » Wed 7. Nov 2012, 13:03

I finally had time to update the phc-k8 driver, if anyone with an AMD processor could test it, it would be very much appreciated. I intend to release as soon as it has had some proper testing on AMD K8 and K10 architectures...

It is located here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=38
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