Pentium M Centrino on WattOS (latest)

You can write down your success stories here (temperature decreasements, power savings, etc).
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Pentium M Centrino on WattOS (latest)

Post by C.Hariri » Thu 16. Feb 2012, 15:09


Registered here especially to thank everyone.
I had temperature issues with my Thinkpad T43, and this partially sorted them out.

After following the tutorial ... -maverick/,
the script indicated a VID of 19, I setted it to 22 just to be on the safe side. Thats from 1.3V to 1.05V! Remarkably.

CPU used to go near the maximal temperature of 100C, and throttle back. Tried reapplying the thermal paste, cleaning the fan, nothing helped though. Thanks to PHC its now down to 76-77C (decrease of 23C). Still to discover the increase in battery life :).

One side question though: there's a videochip (ati fireGL), north- and southbridge which become quite hot aswel. My VID's were 41 36 30 24 18 , and are now 22 36 30 24 18. Only the first changed; I suspect the other ones might be off the graphical card and other devices? (even though its listed into the CPU directory).
Is there a way to undervolt these?

C. Hariri

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Re: Pentium M Centrino on WattOS (latest)

Post by Docet » Wed 22. Feb 2012, 09:24

Of course not ( at least with phc ). Each voltage index is referred to a different CPU frequency. If you care of handling and tuning them better have a look here: ... buntu.html

and here ... ltage.html

There you can find full installation instruction for both the phc module and a GUI (phctool) to set the voltages. Lowering the voltage of the other frequency can only improve you heat reduction and battery time.


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