INTEL read_msr Utility

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INTEL read_msr Utility

Post by the-fallen » Sun 20. Jul 2008, 20:34

Read_MSR is a tool to check and verify FIDs and VIDs (and DIDs) on your system with Intel CPU (e.g. if your values are really applied).

Read_MSR is written in Python, so you need a Python interpreter installed on your system (default on almost all distributions)

The Version 0.2 takes care of the DIDs (Divider ID) and HID (Halving ID) that can be found on newer Intel CPUs like the Core Processor.

To run the tool just
1. extract the gzip-archive somewhere
2. give execution rights (# chmod 755 read_msr)
3. run it with ./read_msr

You get this help screen

Code: Select all

MSRTOOL V0.2pre2 started...

MSRTOOL V 0.2pre2
This Tool belongs to and is licensed under GPL

./  <function> <[arguments]>
Functions may be:
	--cpuinfo : print information about available CPUs
	--availfids : print out all available fids [needs phc-intel >= 0.4]
	--readmsr : print out some interesting register values
	--fsb :read FSB and CPU Bus Clock rate
	--help : print out this help
For the functions --cpuinfo, --availfids and --readmsr you will ned to run the script as rood or with sudo (the tool will also tell you that :) ).

The function --readmsr does what read_msr V 0.1 did.

The function --fsb will read an index from MSR that points to a Value in a table displaying both, FSB and CPU Bus Clock rate.

The tool will try to load the module "msr" (if not already loaded).

If you run the tool with --readmsr you will see something like this (for each CPU):

Code: Select all

MSRTOOL V0.2pre-2 started...

[cpu0] [CURRENT] FID:9 HID:0 DID:0 VID:25 
[cpu0] [TARGET]  FID:6 HID:1 DID:0 VID:15 
[cpu0] [HIGHEST] FID:9 HID:0 DID:0 VID:25 
[cpu0] [LOWEST]  FID:6 HID:0 DID:0 VID:23 
[cpu0] [SLFM]    FID:6 VID:15 
[cpu0] [IDA]     FID:9 VID:34 

[cpu1] [CURRENT] FID:9 HID:0 DID:0 VID:25 
[cpu1] [TARGET]  FID:9 HID:0 DID:1 VID:34 
[cpu1] [HIGHEST] FID:9 HID:0 DID:0 VID:25 
[cpu1] [LOWEST]  FID:6 HID:0 DID:0 VID:23 
[cpu1] [SLFM]    FID:6 HID:0 DID:0 VID:15 
[cpu1] [IDA]     FID:9 HID:0 DID:1 VID:34 

Current VID/FID/DID/HID are the values that are currently used.
Target VID/VID/DID/HID are the values the system is trying to reach (e.g. if you just set up new FID/VID pairs)

Highest and Lowest VID/FID/DID/HID are the highest and lowest values your CPU will accept.

The values for SLFM and IDA are for the CPUs that support one or both features.

"Currently Active Features" display some bits within the register that are identified as SLFM and IDA.
It seems to display if a feature is enabled on this CPU. Do not bother id IDA is "0". We think it is only set high during IDA-mode.

Download read_msr 0.2pre3
read_msr version 0.2pre3
(3.62 KiB) Downloaded 2122 times
Download read_msr 0.1 if you can not use 0.2:
read_msr Version 0.1
(1.3 KiB) Downloaded 1838 times

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