New leader for Linux-PHC?

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New leader for Linux-PHC?

Post by the-fallen » Thu 26. Jul 2012, 11:39


I see that there are still a lot of people working with / for PHC.
You all know that I am not as active as I should be here (you can also say I'm inactive).
I still do not find any time.

But I think I do not want that project die.
So I am asking you what you suggest to make things better.

Is there someone who want to take the leadership of this project?
I do not plan to delete this forum or something. So who ever is willing to take the lead can have access to the forum and ftp as well.

Thank you all.

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Re: New leader for Linux-PHC?

Post by DavidG » Fri 27. Jul 2012, 09:20

Hi The-Fallen, I wouldn't mind taking the leadership. I check here regularly for questions, but I haven't been very active besides doing that, but I'm planning to release an updated phc-k8 with kernel 3.4/3.5 CPU auto-detect. Just drop me an email!
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Re: New leader for Linux-PHC?

Post by Docet » Wed 1. Aug 2012, 09:56


I think I'm doing a great job by advertising PHC and PHCTool on my blog As I wrote you by PM I'm also trying to keep PHCTool working, so I'd be glad to keep up that section of the forum.


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