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by murasame
Tue 13. Jan 2009, 20:12
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Topic: how do you know you're addicted to phc
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Re: how do you know you're addicted to phc

Sitting around a few hours just to find a fact for this topic. :mrgreen:
by murasame
Fri 7. Nov 2008, 20:52
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Topic: Which processors have support?
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Re: Which processors have support?

As far as i know only the Intel Celeron E1x00 and the Intel Celeron 4x0 support speedstepping.
by murasame
Wed 9. Jul 2008, 22:51
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Topic: Yes, we are back
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Yes, we are back

After the old forum was full of spam and the developers need a break from coding, compiling and drinking coffee, now they are back. We proudly present the new linux-phc board and with this the new patchset for 2.6.26 has arrived. Just have a look in the News.